"Japanilaisen manga-visuaalisuuden litteydestä esiinpuristettu esineellisyys ja koristeellisuus hätkähdyttää. Simonssonin teokset näyttävät hengenvaarallisilta leluilta."


- Kaj Kalin




"Kim Simonsson opens up an intense private-mythological world. His sculptures in glazed stoneware operate on both sides of the threshold of consciousness. These physical objects have a strangely timeless quality, as if they were quiet representatives of a detailed but unknown borderland."


- Johan Sjöström




"Il se dégage de l'ensemble des sculptures de Kim Simonsson, représentant des enfants dans des postures variées, une extrême sensibilité. Il s'agit de purs moments de grâce d'où la poésie n'est jamais absente."


- Yves Peltier




"Simonsson's works make it easy to go along with Jacques Lacan's idea that the gaze comes or is focused from outside the individual."


- World Contemporary Ceramics




"A strange, enchanted sadness runs through Mr. Simonsson's work, as though he were trying to connect to some abandoned magical place in his own psyche."


- Ken Johnson


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